• Prepared air permit applications for several oil and gas facilities and for a small refinery in Wyoming
  • Assisted clients with WDEQ inspections by providing onsite representation and support
  • Prepared and submitted triennial emissions inventory reporting for production facilities in Wyoming
  • Prepared and submitted EPA Greenhouse Gas reporting for a refinery operation in Wyoming

Landfarm Permitting:

  • Assisted in design and completed all aspects of permitting for industrial land treatment facilities for oil field wastes at Pavillion and Frenchy Draw, Wyoming.  The projects included application preparations, map and figure drawings, developing forms, conducting facility research, regulatory review, and producing final documents.
  • Obtained a Conditional Use Permit for one landfarm facility through the appropriate county authority

Landfill Closure:

  • Prepared Site Characterization Reports for two closed landfills located in Natrona County, Wyoming
  • Performed quarterly reporting for monitoring wells which included compiling the required data in the agency specified format, preparing a written description of sampling events, and preparing the final submittal to WDEQ.

Phase I and Phase II ESAs: Performed site reconnaissance, research, regulatory review, and report preparation in accordance with applicable ASTM standards for:

  • Phase I
    • Oil and gas production facilities located in Wyoming, Colorado, Montana and North Dakota. Projects ranged in size from 10 well locations to approximately 650 well locations.
    • Helium gas processing plant near Big Piney, Wyoming
    • Oil field office and shop facilities located in Wyoming
    • NGL Processing Plant located in Wyoming
    • Convenience store located in Wyoming
    • Commercial properties
  • Phase II
    • Two historical former refinery sites
    • Well locations in Wyoming administered by the BLM and WOGCC
    • Waste water disposal site in Douglas, Wyoming
    • Oil field emergency pit leak detection system

Remediation:  Provided various aspects of remediation activities and achieved closure approval from the governing agencies for the following:

  • Design, permitting and construction supervision of four groundwater pump and treat systems
  • Operation of soil vapor extraction units, groundwater pump and treat and hydrocarbon recovery systems
  • UST removal and inspection throughout Wyoming
  • Groundwater monitoring and reporting at two former refineries, pipeline terminal, hazardous waste treatment facility, solid waste landfill, land treatment facility, and a CERCLA site
  • Tank battery in Colorado administered by CDPHE and COGCC
  • Oil production facility located in northern Colorado administered by the BLM
  • Hydrocarbon seep in Fremont County, Wyoming administered by the EPA
  • Pit closures near Creston Junction, Wyoming pursuant to WOGCC requirements
  • Soil confirmation sampling for oil field facilities and well sites throughout Wyoming

Reservoir Design and Permitting:  Prepared reservoir applications for numerous clients with reservoir locations throughout Wyoming and Colorado which included:

  • Location siting
  • Dam break analysis
  • Supervision of geotechnical investigations
  • Preparation of construction specifications and agency submittals
  • Expert witness testimony for irrigation reservoir maintenance

Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans: Performed all aspects of SPCC Plan preparation including site visits and client communications to collect facility data, document writing, facility research, and regulatory review for:

  • Oil and gas production facilities located in Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota and Montana
  • Drill rigs operating in Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, Montana and Utah
  • A small refinery in Wyoming
  • Bulk storage facilities located in Wyoming and North Dakota
  • Municipal solid waste disposal facility
  • Household hazardous waste facility
  • Industrial machine shop and repair facilities
  • Compressor facility at Lost Cabin, Wyoming
  • Performed regular SPCC inspections for facilities in Wyoming
  • Prepared facility specific materials for SPCC training.  Presented the training to employees and company contractors and held open discussions.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP):  Prepared SWPPPs following state requirements for industrial facilities, including:

  • Refineries
  • Well locations and access roads in Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, Montana and Nevada
  • Oil field tool repair facility
  • Hydrocarbon pipelines
  • Performed required SWPPP inspections for facilities in Wyoming

Underground Injection Control (UIC) Well Permitting:

  • Obtained a UIC permit for a Class V injection well located in Campbell County, Wyoming.  This included compiling application components, obtaining landowner approval, and conducting proper notifications.
  • Performed quarterly reporting using the WDEQ’s GEM system

Water Resources:

  • Sewage lagoon design and permitting
  • Large diameter storm sewer design and construction supervision
  • Expert witness testimony for home damage litigation resulting from storm water runoff

WYPDES Permitting and Compliance:

  • Prepared WYPDES applications for new facilities, renewal permits, and permit modifications including facility research, map preparation and agency submittals for several clients with facility locations throughout Wyoming.
  • Managed an Access database to track water management information for large scale operations which included all monitoring results that could be checked within the database for potential exceedances and used as a tool to prepare permits or reports. Performed all quarterly, semi-annual, and annual reporting to the WDEQ utilizing their eDMR system. At one time this included approximately 25 permits with over 300 total compliance points in the Powder River Basin.